APL a positive life


A Positive Life has a mission to help everyone with HIV feel more positive and proactive about living long, healthy lives. It began as an initiative to help educate and provide support to people living with HIV and their loved ones and care partners, as well as healthcare team members. Today, ViiV Healthcare is proud to bring back a "next generation" APL—with updated information and tools on a completely refreshed website. Explore all the valuable information on the site, and share it with people who also need to live a positive life.

ViiV Healthcare


At ViiV Healthcare, we're at the forefront of understanding HIV and innovating treatments, collaborating with both academic institutions and companies like GSK, Pfizer Inc., and Shionogi.

Aside from innovating treatments, ViiV has also developed first-of-its-kind programs to improve access to ViiV treatments around the world. We're engaged in over 350 projects making a difference for people living with HIV around the world, and have been ranked #1 in corporate reputation by patients globally for the 2nd year in a row (2014 and 2013).

This is ViiV Healthcare.