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Every day you inspire people to live positive lives. Now it's your turn to be inspired. ViiV Healthcare created this section to be a large library of information, tools and resources specifically for ASO team members. Tap into it for knowledge and support.

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Ask your ViiV Representative for the ASO Kit from A Positive Life, or call 1-877-844-8872. Meanwhile, you'll find lots of information plus downloadable brochures and PDFs to read and use now.

Tools &

Find content and downloadable PDFs and brochures to help you as you help your clients, including:

Fill these out with your client so the healthcare team will have the information they need, and you have a channel of communication with the team too.

  • Fill out this form with your clients before their healthcare appointments
  • Have them share it with their doctor, nurse practitioner or nurse
  • Encourage them to use this sheet to take notes during their appointments
  • Ask them to bring it back so you know what the healthcare team said/recommended

For Clients on HIV Medication

For Clients Not on HIV Medication

Lab tests help the healthcare team know how your client is doing, so they can make decisions about treatment. Tests are typically done every 3 months. For clients whose viral load is undetectable, it may be every 6 months.

Use this teaching tool to help your clients learn the basics of HIV.

Find HIV resources in your area.

Introduction to HIV for the Newly Diagnosed Patient

Mental Health Disorders and Substance Abuse in People Infected with HIV

Hepatitis C and Sexually Transmitted Diseases in People Infected with HIV

tips &

Here are 5 tips to help you prepare your clients for positive healthcare appointments.

Here are 10 Support Tips for ASO professionals.

1. Be the first to know

Get the latest news and announcements about HIV/AIDS sent to your inbox. Go to the National AIDS Treatment Advocacy Project site: http://www.natap.org and join their e-mail list.

2. Participate in interactive webinars

Positive Action was created by ViiV Healthcare in 1992 as the first pharmaceutical company program to support communities affected by HIV. It regularly hosts live webinars with community experts. To learn more, go to ViiVHealthcare.com and see Positive Action webinars under Community Partnerships.

3. For your office

Visit cdc.gov and type the words "Act Against AIDS infographics" in the search box. You'll find posters you can print out and use in your office.

4. Brainstorm

Together, you and your co-workers can come up with solutions for the issues that frustrate ASO professionals, like lack of funding or excess paperwork. Write down your top issues and tackle them in a brainstorm.

5. Connect with clients' healthcare teams

A Positive Life has tools to help you exchange important information with your clients’ healthcare teams.

6. Supporting each other

Gathering for staff meetings to discuss work is also an opportunity to get support. Co-workers can share experiences and ideas, or cheer each other up on bad days.

7. De-stress vs. distress

It's easy to get overwhelmed when you're trying to solve so many problems for your clients. Here are some tips for when you start feeling stressed: take some deep breaths, chat with someone you trust, make time to do something you like.

8. Think about your growth

You're so focused on helping other people reach their goals, don't forget your own. Write down some ideas of what you want to achieve, along with some actions you can take to make it happen. Then take one step at a time.

9. Beat the "burnout"

As an ASO team member, you help clients face obstacle after obstacle, and it can be overwhelming. We hope you can look back through these pages and think about all the impact you've made on your clients' lives…all the help and hope you've given them. And if you don't hear it every day from every client—thanks!

10. Help clients find additional support

All the responsibility for helping your clients doesn't have to fall on your shoulders. If they have family members, friends or partners, encourage your client to bring them into the ASO to meet with you. You can educate them about your client's condition, and how they can help.

Read what some ASO clients had to say about their experience with ASO professionals like you.

"My caseworker was a guiding light for me."

—Dekota, diagnosed with HIV in 2012

"It was a special bond because it gave me a sense of hope that I can still be healthy…I can still love."

—Masonia, diagnosed with HIV in 2010

"A doctor has only so much time to spend with a client, but case managers can help."

—Stephanie, diagnosed with HIV in the 1990s

"I decided to volunteer at an ASO in Atlanta…"

—Guy, diagnosed with HIV in 2006


You make
a big difference

It's been proven in a U.S. study that clients who get integrated services from ASOs are healthier than clients who don't.

ViiV MAKES a big difference too

That's "Veev"

ViiV Healthcare has worked with the HIV community since its founding—committed to delivering innovative treatments for people living with HIV/AIDS around the world.

ViiV Healthcare companies have been ranked #1 in corporate reputation by patients globally for the 2nd year in a row (2014 and 2013).