[+] Positive About HIV Treatment

There are a lot of reasons
people are thinking positively about
HIV antiretroviral treatment.



Personal Stories from People Living with HIV

Personal Stories from People Living with HIV

HIV Treatment Quiz

Check your understanding of HIV treatment.

Starting HIV treatment will help to lower the amount of virus in my blood and increase the number of CD4+ T-cells.

I am up to the task of taking HIV medicines each day.

I am comfortable discussing my HIV with my healthcare provider.

I know there could be side effects, but I can deal with that possibility.

I feel that I have a good understanding of the HIV treatment options available.

You’re on the right path.

It looks like you’re ready to learn more about treatment. See how other people went through the process of deciding to start treatment.

This quiz is not intended to diagnose a condition or disease state and does not replace the advice of your healthcare provider.
Please partner with your healthcare provider to determine if starting HIV treatment is the right choice for you.