[+] the right HIV treatment

Finding the right HIV treatment for you starts with
having a healthcare provider you can
partner with.

Some healthcare providers (including doctors and nurses) are HIV experts. Find a healthcare provider who really understands HIV and how to treat it.

Find HIV resources in your area.

know where you stand

You need to know if your CD4+ T-cell count needs to be higher, or if your viral load needs to be lower.



If you have HIV and your CD4+ T‑cell count is more than 500 cells (per cubic millimeter of blood), it's in the normal range.

If it's less than 200 cells (per cubic millimeter of blood), you are diagnosed as having AIDS.

Source: US Department of Health and Human Services. http://www.aids.gov.


Your viral load, or how much HIV is in your blood, should be as low as possible. If it's under 50 (copies in a milliliter of blood), your viral load is considered "undetectable." But you have to stay on treatment to keep your viral load from going back up.


Undetectable doesn't = cured.

You still need to keep taking your medicine, go for your regular visits with your healthcare provider, and use protection.

Your healthcare provider will do standard blood tests to find out if your viral load is undetectable. Learn more about these tests.