[+] Is yourHIV treatment
right for you?

HIV treatments work differently
for different people. What works for one
person with HIV might not work for you.
Take a look:

Sometimes an HIV medicine doesn't work to help lower your viral load or keep your CD4+ T-cell count high.

Maybe it has side effects that are difficult for you, which makes you want to stop taking your medicines.

Sometimes it's the way you have to take the medicine that makes it hard to stay on—like remembering when and how to take your pills.

If you're having trouble with your treatment, talk to your healthcare provider about options. Learn how to partner with your healthcare team — visit My HIV Hang–Up.

If you have to
make a change in
your hiv treatment

If you and your healthcare provider decide you need to change to a different HIV medication, don't get discouraged.

[- ]

It's the beginning of another chance to control your HIV, and get your viral load to undetectable.